Friday, February 26, 2010

The only thing missing is a link to free pizza.

When you've got kids, you've got expenses. Expenses GALORE! Everything from having to send them to get hash browns in the morning because Mr F has his heart set on it, to diapers to clothes to DVDs to Legos... and more.

That makes it tough sometimes to make ends meet and/or to have some money to spend on you -- unless you can get free stuff. And I am all about the free stuff. Like the free samples available from Triplets Mommy.

Triplets Mommy is a site run by people who had triplets and because of that, NEEDED free stuff. Now, they're sharing all the free stuff they find with you -- all around their site, there's free offer after free offer, from power bars to cleaning supplies to Underjams, which is what I've ordered today, using their links for the free stuff. We needed Underjams because we're in a full-scale toilet-training push with Mr Bunches and Mr F, which means less diapers, but more messes and more underwear and more night-time accidents which leads to more night-time sheet changing, and who wants to be changing a wet sheet in the middle of the night when you've got to work the next day?

With the links and codes from Triplets Mommy, I can order free stuff like the Underjams sample, and I can even get free cleaning supplies for when the underjams aren't enough.

If you've got kids, you need free stuff. Triplets Mommy has what you're looking for.

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