Saturday, February 27, 2010

One Percent, Day Three: Part Two Of Paul Ryan Is Stupid...

... or thinks you are.

Yesterday I pointed out that Paul Ryan was disingenuous (at best!) when he made the grandstanding/pandering claim that Republicans (the party of letting kids die) want "people" in control of health care, not the government.

Paul Ryan meant insurance companies, of course. He didn't mean people should control health care; he meant insurance companies -- which have bought his soul via campaign contributions -- should control health care.

Well, it turns out that Paul Ryan isn't just disingenous (at best!). He's also a liar who wants the government to control your money and tell you what insurance policies you can buy.

Here's two excerpts from Paul Ryan's article in this week's Newsweek. Writing about what he calls a "Roadmap" (and what the rest of us would call "what the insurance companies paid Paul Ryan to say") Paul "Give The Government Your Money" Ryan said this:
On Medicare's future: The plan should change for those under 55 now, so that they will eventually be issued vouchers and "will be able to choose from a list of Medicare-certified insurance plans."

That is, Paul Ryan -- who is bought and paid for by the insurance company-- wants the government to tell the people which insurance plans they can buy. He will have the government take your money, then give it back to you, but only to buy the insurance the government approves of.

Is that the people in charge, Paul Ryan?

It gets worse:

On Social Security's future: Paul would replace what he thinks is the failing plan with this idea: "Future seniors will be able to invest more than a third of their payroll taxes in savings accounts they will own. These accounts will be ... managed by the federal government, not a private investment firm."

So... um... the government is qualified to take my money and invest it, and qualified to tell me which insurance plans I can buy with my money... but not to administer a health insurance program?

Paul Ryan isn't just disingenuous. He isn't just a hacky corporate shill for Big Insurance. He's a liar and an idiot and if you vote for him you're a moron.

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