Sunday, February 21, 2010

Anime Yourself: You know you want to.

Have you ever wondered what you'd look like if you starred in "Cowboy BeBop?"

Have you ever wondered what "Cowboy Bebop" is?

Me to -- to both of those things. As of now, though, I know the answer to one but not the other. That is, I know what "Cowboy Bebop" is -- it's an anime cartoon. But I don't know -- yet -- what I'd look like if I starred in that show. Or any anime show.

But you and I can find out together, if you want to go through that rabbit hole, because now you have the amazing ability to Anime Yourself, and it's not as painful as that might sound.

You can anime yourself, and all it takes is a picture of you and a little free time. No money, no long-term commitment... (that sounds like me during college! Ha!)... just a little horseplay on the computer, and voila! You're an Airbender.

(That is also an anime cartoon.)

Okay, so it's not the biggest or most important computer program ever to come down the pike. (The biggest and most important computer program is obviously Joshua, the one that was put in charge of our nuclear weapons despite having the mentality of a 5-year-old, as was demonstrated in the startling documentary "Wargames.") But it's fun nonetheless, and can help you while away a couple of minutes. Or jazz up your blog or website using the free tool. Or serve as your audition to get onto Howl's Moving Castle II: Electric Howga-loo.

is not an anime cartoon. Not yet. But if you go ahead and anime yourself, and then send out head-shots of you as an anime character, and say that you want the lead in Howl's Moving Castle II: Electric Howga-loo, then Hollywood will assume that they must be making that cartoon, and will promptly start looking for a script, which it just so happens I've got right here.)

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