Friday, February 26, 2010

Nothing's immoral if you gloss over the details. (3 Good Things From 2/25/10)

I've got a million different things going on right now... but I'm still managing to focus on my 3 Good Things from yesterday. Plus, Sweetie got her hair done yesterday and it looks great.

1. Things sometimes get muddled up: I took Mr F and Mr Bunches grocery shopping with me yesterday. As we got out of the car at the store, the moon was visible in the sky. I've been teaching Mr Bunches about the sky and stars (he likes to look at the stars) and so he looked up and looked at me and pointed and said: "Star."

I looked and said "Good, but that's the moon."

He said: "Star."

I said: "Moon. Mooooooooooon."

After I emphasized that, Mr Bunches thought for a second and said: "Cow."

2. This made me laugh, and also doubt the promotion:
Also on that grocery trip, as we made our way into the pet food aisle, my eye was caught by this product. Note the lower-left-hand corner advertisement:

Really? The toys will bring Big League Sports Action Fun... to you and your cat? And, is it really necessary to have an extra push to sell a cat toy?

3. Double-pizza samples! We got to the grocery store in time for pizza samples -- one of the rarest, but greatest, treats in life: free pizza samples at the grocery store. When we got to the samples, Mr F was riding in the cart, Mr Bunches was walking. I took my sample, and then, thinking quickly, looked at Mr Bunches and said "Do you want one, too?" When he didn't say no, I took one for him. Then, when he didn't want it, I got double pizza samples.

And no, that's not immoral. The samples are there for everyone who goes by. Mr Bunches was entitled to a sample, and once it's his sample, he can do what he wants with it. I just glossed over the details to get to that point. (Also, I could have taken one for Mr F, but triple samples may be pushing it.)

91 down, 10,542 to go. Today's song combines the rockabilly feel of The Everly Brothers with the in-retrospect-amazingly-futile-and-overblown protests of the sixties, with a heavy dose of Paul Simon's poetry in there. It's

"A simple desultory philippic (or how I was Lyndon Johnsoned into submission") by Paul Simon

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