Thursday, February 25, 2010

A half-day of work! That's why I'm posting this so late! (3 Good Things From 2/24/10)

I'm home from the office, babysitting while Sweetie heads off on errands. That's why I waited until the afternoon to post the 3 Good Things from yesterday. That, and I was working on putting together the Do-It-Yourself-Almond Joy Sweetie packed in my lunch: A Mounds bar and a small bag of almonds.

1. Mr Bunches making me buzz. Mr. Bunches continues working on reading Snog The Frog and naming animals, and he named the bee last night. So I said "Bees go bzzzzzz," and he couldn't figure out how to buzz (It comes out beeeeeee)(technically, correct). As I tried to show him how to buzz -- have you ever tried to figure out how to teach someone to buzz like a bee?-- he would lean against my face to feel my teeth vibrate, and then put his finger in my mouth to feel that, too.

(That's Mr Bunches to the right -- helping me set the coffee up for the next morning. Then he helpfully re-set the timer so that my coffee brewed at 3 a.m., and was cold when I got up at 6.)

2. Mini-pizzas for dinner. Sweetie made the little 5-for-$5.00 "party pizzas" for dinner last night. I think those might be my new favorite food. I could eat them three times a day. (The downside? She made one apiece, and then didn't eat all of hers, so the only leftover pizza was hers, and I can't take that from her. Not yet.)

(But by this evening, it's fair game.)

3. I realized I didn't have as many phone calls to return as I thought I had. For about two weeks, I've had three yellow-legal-pad sized pages of phone calls from the past two weeks to return. I ordinarily go through and return them and then scratch them off. I hadn't been doing that as I've been busier than usual, with a weirder schedule than usual, at the office. So last night, I sat down to look at them and begin scratching them off and returning the calls, and as I looked over the list I realized that about 2/3 of them had in one way or another resolved themselves, either by the people calling again and me being in for the call or by me sending a letter or something. So I'd inadvertently done 2/3 of my job -- which is how I accomplish most goals.

90 down 10,543 to go

"Plan to Stay Awake," The Deathray Davies:

Who doesn't like a good pun in a rock band name? Especially when the band makes a killer song like that one. My tip: If you're a runner, put this song on your running playlist, and get it cued up to play when you're near the end. It provides the perfect boost for that final push.

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