Monday, February 22, 2010

Now with 100% more "Down... To Go." (3 Good Things From The Weekend)

It's snowing, but the good thing about late February snow is shoveling is not necessary. All you have to do is say -- and believe-- this: It'll melt off soon. Here's my 3 Good Things from the weekend...

1. I won the bet with The Boy about who directed Star Wars: The Boy and I, while driving Mr F to the doctor for his ear infection, and then dropping off used clothes at Goodwill, and then returning stuff to the library, on Saturday, also had time to talk. During that time, The Boy started naming the five best directors ever, resulting in this exchange:

The Boy: The five best directors ever were...

Me (interrupting): George Lucas.

The Boy: (annoyed) What? No way?

Me: How can you say the guy that directed Star Wars isn't among the top five ever?

Then The Boy claimed that George Lucas hadn't directed Star Wars, and I bet him he had, and, of course, won, because I am unparalleled in my knowledge of who directed Star Wars. My only regret is that I didn't bet him the five bucks; instead, we bet on who would have to stock soda in the 'fridge all week.

2. I ran five miles! In 48:00! Another week, another new World's Record for 2010, set on Sunday.

3. The first of what I assume to be many plot twists in Last Night In Twisted River. John Irving's new book was a Christmas present, and I'm about 1/4 of the way through it, and just last night I came across one of those great John Irving moments, [SPOILER ALERT! IT'S VAGUE BUT SPOILER-Y] when you realize not only that most of what the main character assumed to be true wasn't, and not only that, but that most of what the main character has done already has been based on the not-true thing and that much of the plot could have been avoided but for that. I was disappointed when I got too tired to go on reading.

Bonus Good Thing: I got to see Mr Bunches do the Robot, and he is really good at it.

87 Down, 10,545 to go: I'm stopping down... to go as a regular feature, and adding it to 3 Good Things, so that each day you'll not only start out with 3 Good Things but also a shot of music that I have on my iPod. Today's song, number 87 is

"Loose Lips" by Kimya Dawson:

This song made it onto my iPod after Sweetie and I saw Juno. When I first walked out of that movie, I liked the movie, the actors, the music, everything about it.

Now, all this time later, all I still like, all that remains, is the music, which really was excellent. The rest will be forgotten in time, or already has been forgotten.

Everytime I listen to this song, I want to go Google the names she mentions in there. But then I don't go do that, because I can't Google everything I think of Googling. So I'm going to delegate it. Someone go Google those names in that song and tell me who they are.

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