Thursday, March 04, 2010

And now I've found a way to put the phrase on this blog... (3 Good Things From 3/3/10)

So last night I got the long-awaited, ironic egg salad sandwich, and it was delicious, as I knew it would be. That just adds to the 3 Good Things from yesterday that buoy my spirits today like a... [insert poetic nautical imagery here.]

I got a compliment from a person I'm not sure I even know, and it was a good one. I never get very lawyerly on this blog (that's what this blog is for) but I do like to mention, from time to time, that I have a job I ignore for the bulk of the day in favor of blogging, and yesterday, that job was one of the high points. A law clerk in our office (a law clerk is a law student who, for some reason, wants to work for free)(although working for me is such a treat that you'd be honored to do it for free, especially because tomorrow I've arranged to get the law clerks [and me] pizza.)...

... I'm lost in my parentheses. Let me start over.

A law clerk in our office came in and told me that he'd had lunch with another lawyer, and this other lawyer, upon hearing who the clerk worked for, said that the law clerk should, as often as possible, come to see me in court and watch me try cases, because, in the words of the other lawyer, I am a "master of the courtroom."

I, of course, then found a way to mention that conversation -- and the phrase "master of the courtroom" to every single person I could talk to after that, including Sweetie and The Boy. If I could have found the cats last night, I'd have mentioned it to them.

2. Sweetie's reaction to Modern Family. I like the show Modern Family; it's funny and nice. But what's really great about it is Sweetie's reaction to the show. She laughs, giggles, pats the bed, rolls her eyes, and generally gets into it like it's the Rocky Horror show (but not like Rocky Horror fans; Sweetie does it in a non-weird way. What's up with you Rocky Horror people, anyway? And do people still do that, or has it (thankfully) died out?)

Last night was no different, with Sweetie at one point getting tears in her eyes. At least 1/2 the fun of watching that show is watching how Sweetie reacts to that show.

3. I had a really really great dream that Mr Bunches wrecked for me (but he's cute so I'm not mad at him.) I generally think people that mention their dreams at all are a little whacko, so I'm not entirely comfortable with the fact that I've now blogged about two dreams this week. And I want to emphasize, again, that I hold no ill-will to Mr Bunches, who woke me out of this dream at 11 p.m. when he woke up crying and I had to go into his room and put in the DVD of Enchanted (his new favorite movie) and then sit and rub his head until he fell back asleep, because that was more fun than the dream...

... but I was really enjoying the dream, which went like this: I was in a Barnes & Noble bookstore, and I had in my hand a manuscript of a book of poetry, poems that weren't by me but were by some famous or soon-to-be famous poet. And there was a staircase that I needed to get to, but blocking the staircase were five old men, four on chairs and one standing, all sort of like Wilford Brimley but without the moustache and they were bald. They wanted that manuscript and I didn't want to give it to them (our respective motivations were not clear beyond that), and as they started to come at me, I vaulted over them and headed down the stairs where I found myself in the food court of a mall fighting various people -- using only a series of small Fourth of July firecrackers that I had somehow been able to light.

I had just lit a "Jumping Jack" when Mr Bunches woke me up, so we'll never know if Big Poetry got their hands on the manuscript.

Now that 98% of you are notifying the authorities about me, let's get on with the song for today, which isn't actually on my iPod yet but soon will be. While I was writing this I was listening to my Belle & Sebastian station on Pandora, and this song came on and now it's my new favorite song of the day, only partially because it has the phrase "my spider-sense is tingling." It's

"I See Spiders When I Close My Eyes" by The Boy Least Likely To:

That is, without a doubt, one of the three best songs about spiders that I've ever heard. And I've heard at least three songs about spiders. Four, counting The Itsy Bitsy Spider.

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