Monday, March 01, 2010

One Percent, Day Five: Other Things That Cost a Lot Of Money

Nobody knows how much the health care reform bill will cost; predicting the cost of health care ten years down the road is an impossible task. There are simply too many variables to control for.

But it's widely reported that health care reform will "cost" as much as a trillion dollars. (Be suspicious not just of those forecasts, but what they mean, and how they're factored. Cost who? In what sense? Higher pay for doctors? Reduced profits for insurance companies? Out-of-pocket taxes? Bureaucracy?)

In discussing how much we might pay for health care, though, it's worthwhile to look at how much we do pay for things we already have -- to get a sense of the priorities here.

First up: Blue Cat People. So far, Avatar has raked in, domestically, $706,904,000 -- since its release December 18, 2009. That's $9,683,616 per day, or $3,534,519,999.99 per year -- $3.5 billion per year -- to watch Sam Worthington shake a CGI fist at Giovanni Ribisi.

So when you complain about how much health care reform might cost you, remember that looking at Blue Cat People costs America $3 billion per year. Is a real person's life worth less than a Thundercat knockoff?

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