Thursday, March 04, 2010

Liquid Vitamins: Now with 100% less chewing, 100% more vitamin-ly goodness.

Having gone on the record as wholeheartedly supporting (a) eating fewer actual vegetable, and (b) processing more things into ever-safer, ever-more-delicious forms, I am pleased as punch that I recently discovered the existence of the LMV Gold liquid vitamins.

When you exist, as I do, on a diet primarily made up of "Chex Mix" and candy bars, you need to supplement your diet with something -- but who wants to try to swallow a horse-pill of a vitamin that could be used as a doorstop? Liquid vitamins are where it's at, "it" being health and ease of use.

The LMV Gold liquid vitamin has 29 essential vitamins and minerals -- that's 28 more than I knew even existed, since I count vitamins C and D as the same thing -- ranging from Bioflavinoids (which I think are a vitamin-enhanced flavor agent?) to trace minerals to the all-important antioxidants: Who wants to be oxidized? Not me.

In all seriousness, the liquid vitamins are not only easier to take (and easier to get kids to take, if that's your hang-up) but are absorbed better and more quickly than solid-pill vitamins: Up to 700% better absorption, so if you're taking pill-form vitamins you're missing out on the nutrients you think you're getting. And nobody eats as healthy as they should (no, not even you over there in the corner) so be like me: order yourself up some LMV gold and buy yourself some extra years on the earth.

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