Monday, March 01, 2010

A song by nobody, and more pizza. (3 Good Things From The Weekend)

It's March 1! Spring is here! That snow outside your window is just an imaginary remnant of another winter survived. And if you don't have snow outside your window, I hate you, but I'll get past that with my 3 Good Things from the weekend:

1. The winner of the bimonthly comment contest drawing is... Petri Dish. Remember, every other month I draw the names of anyone who left a comment on any of my blogs out of a hat, and the winner gets the book of their choice from my ever-growing collection. Petri, email me and tell me which book you'd like and where you'd like it sent.

Everyone else: Go buy one of my books! And comment -- the next drawing will be April 30.

2. Sweetie let me switch corn dogs for pizza on Friday night. Sweetie had planned corn dogs for dinner on Friday night, and I'm sick of corn dogs. It seems like we have them every week, and I don't like them anymore. Friday night, I was resigned to cooking them for dinner anyway, since Sweetie'd planned it that way, but she convinced me to make pizza, instead, saving the Friday night.

(We had corn dogs Saturday, though.)

3. Mr Bunches and Mr F helped me in the office. The series of pictures to the right documents Mr Bunches' efforts at helping me at my office Sunday night; I had to run down to review and file a report that was required to be reviewed and filed by the end of February -- but wasn't ready until that afternoon. So I took Mr F and Mr Bunches. Mr F behaved wonderfully, sitting on my lap for a while and otherwise playing nicely.

Mr Bunches, though, had trouble getting into the office -- the higher on the stairs he went, the more nervous he got, and at the top, on the walkway-ledge, he crawled and hugged the wall -- and then once in, had trouble staying on task, spending his time turning lights on and off, trying to get into people's offices, and, ultimately, having an accident and ending up pantless... and playing hide-and-seek:

92 down, 10,541 to go:
I've never known what to make of this song, other than that it's totally hypnotic and now that I've started to listen to it I'm probably going to be playing it all day until I go mad... or turn sane. It's "Frog Round," and it's by... so far as I can tell... nobody:

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Petri Dish said...

Ohhhh I thought this was part of my dream where I win a swimming pool full of ice cream. This is almost as good and I probably wont go into a sugar induced coma. Yay!