Friday, March 05, 2010

If I should wish them red (Friday's Sunday's Poems & Hot Actresses, 46)

The Danger Of Writing Defiant Verse
Dorothy Parker

And now I have another lad!
No longer need you tell
How all my nights are slow and sad
For loving you too well.

His ways are not your wicked ways,
He's not the like of you.
He treads his path of reckoned days,
A sober man, and true.

They'll never see him in the town,
Another on his knee.
He'd cut his laden orchards down,
If that would pleasure me.

He'd give his blood to paint my lips
If I should wish them red.
He prays to touch my finger-tips
Or stroke my prideful head.

He never weaves a glinting lie,
Or brags the hearts he'll keep.
I have forgotten how to sigh-
Remembered how to sleep.

He's none to kiss away my mind-
A slower way is his.
Oh, Lord! On reading this, I find
A silly lot he is.
About today's poem: I'm listening to my The Producers playlist on Pandora, which means I get a lot of songs from Guys & Dolls songs, which put me in a mood to see if there were any poems written by Damon Runyon. There are, as it turns out, but you can't get them online because of some silly copyright laws. So then I looked for other people who seemed to me to have something in common with Damon Runyon, and what I landed on was Dorothy Parker, who wrote a lot of poems, most of them doggerel. I liked this one, though.

About today's hot actress: Remember, the rules are over 30, no plastic surgery. I'm not totally convinced Jennifer Aniston didn't have plastic surgery, but Sweetie assures me that it was just to fix a deviated septum, and Sweetie would know because she used to have a big picture of Jennifer Aniston hung up on our 'fridge, back in the days before Jennifer was replaced by Brooklyn Decker.

Also: Sweetie usually doesn't read these poems because she doesn't like poetry. But let's see if she reads this one, because it has Jennifer Aniston in it. Is Jennifer more powerful than poetry? Time will tell...


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JOY said...

Make sure my comments posts.... I LOVE HER!!!

Briane P said...

Jennifer Aniston > Poetry.