Wednesday, March 03, 2010

One Percent: Day Seven: Should we fly millionaires to the moon, or stop small businesswomen from dying? You decide!

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Today's headline on MSN: "19 Unbelievable Trips For Billionaires."

The trips range from $15,000-per-night hotels to a $100 million trip to the moon -- actually, though, that's a
$200 million trip, because there's two seats available. There's a $1 million golf safari, and a $100,000-per-day island rental. There's even a $5,000 massage, which is no doubt 50 times better than the average massage.

You know what didn't make the top spot on MSN, ever? Melanie Shouse's death on January 30. You may not have heard about Melanie Shouse, because it's less fun to hear about people dying than about selfish billionaires hoarding money and letting people die while they do.

Melanie Shouse had just opened up a business -- a small business, which Republicans are always championing as they pocket giant insurance company money -- when she found a lump in her breast. Melanie had a lump, and she had a $5,000 deductible on the health insurance policy she'd paid for.

What she didn't have was $5,000, because she'd just used her savings to open that business, the small businesses Republicans say they want to save. So she put off going to the doctor, and when she finally did go to the doctor, her insurance company wouldn't cover the treatment.

Her insurance company -- the companies Republicans take money from, the companies we're supposed to save from "Big Government" -- wouldn't pay.

Melanie Shouse finally died on January 30, 2010 -- she tried to survive until after Obama got elected and hoped that health care reform would help her, or help others. She kept picketing and rallying and helping spur on health care reform, sometimes going from chemotherapy sessions directly to protests.

You didn't hear about her on MSN when she died. You didn't hear that she couldn't afford her deductible because she was starting a small business, and you didn't hear that her health insurer denied her medication. You didn't hear that a small business owner with health insurance died of a treatable condition because she couldn't afford the coverage and her health insurer wouldn't pay.

You didn't hear that. But you did hear about some god-damned millionaire's vacations.

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