Wednesday, March 03, 2010

More good things that don't seem like good things (but are)(3 Good Things From 3/2/10)

After that health-care post today, I need a pick-me-up, so let's jump right in ... and not bother wondering why Mr Bunches was hiding in the mayonnaise at the grocery store, with marker on his face. Here's my 3 Good Things from yesterday:

1. I found out what it's like to live in an O Henry story: Yesterday, in response to my complaints that we always have corn dogs and never have egg salad, Sweetie made egg salad for dinner, ready for when I got home after grocery shopping. Having grocery shopped, grocery-put-awayed, and Babies!-bathed, I then went to eat dinner, only I didn't have an egg salad sandwich, because I saw that Sweetie had already made my lunch for today, and I assumed that she'd made me an egg salad sandwich to take to lunch, too. I opted instead to have a leftover chicken-fried-steak sandwich.

Then, when I went upstairs and talked to Sweetie, we had this exchange:

Me: I didn't have egg salad. I had chicken fried-steak, instead because I figured you'd made me an egg salad sandwich for lunch.

Sweetie: No, I gave you chicken-fried steak, because I figured you'd have egg salad tonight.

Oh, irony! You've hoisted me on your petard again!

2. We won't be dying of e coli anytime soon in our house.
I surveyed, at the checkout of the grocery store, the array of groceries we were buying, and realized that with me in charge, our healthy-food-quotient had hit a new low... or high, depending on whether you think it's healthy to eat spinach and then die of whatever it is that's infecting spinach this week. Quite literally, the healthiest thing in the cart when I was done shopping last night was "Key Lime Pie" flavored yogurt. That narrowly edged out the bacon as #1 on the health list -- and was far, far ahead of the "pizza-and-cheese stuffed pretzel bites" I'd bought as a side dish to have when we have bratwurst later this week.

3. Mr Bunches drew on his face on Sweetie's watch. If you look closely at the picture of Mr Bunches Among The Mayos, you'll see that about 1/3 of his face is a red, nearly-indelible marker smear put on while he was "napping." That was when Sweetie was in charge, which is a good thing because (a) it proved that I'm the kind of parent I always said I'd be, the kind of parent who lets his kid go to the grocery store with marker on his face if it makes the kid happy/can't be washed off easily, and (b) it proves that sometimes the Babies! get away with things when Sweetie is running the show, too. Parenting equilibrium is important in a marriage, and I intend to use Marker Face the next time one of the Babies! gets caught jumping on our bed while I ... enforce the no jumping rule a little less vigorously than I should.

94 down, 10,539 to go: Today's song: "A Child's Introduction To Drums," by Ruckus Roboticus. It's a toe-tapper, and it's on my "Upbeat" playlist of songs guaranteed to put me in a good mood:

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