Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I don't drive a pick-up truck, and I don't do heavy work. But I am pretty good at crossword puzzles. Just thought I'd mention that.

You see a lot of people driving around in trucks and SUVs and the like these days -- a lot of people who don't need such a truck and who don't know how to properly use it.

You know how to tell the posers from the real men (and real women) who use trucks and heavy equipment in their manly (womanly) jobs, day-to-day? The truck racks and other accessories they have. People who just want the IMAGE of a pick-up truck don't have all the paraphernalia that the people who WORK for a living have.

If you are one of those people who actually works, and works hard, and uses your truck in your work, you'll want to check out RealTruck for all the van and truck accessories you need: racks for hauling everything you might need to get from that place to this place, side mount racks, toppers, heavy duty equipment, and that's not all: They also have bug shields, mud flaps, bedliners, fog lights and winches.

(I've always wanted a winch on my car. It goes back to my days playing "Big Jim" on the bunk beds.)

RealTruck will outfit your truck or van to cover the work you do. And to show those posers who's REALLY using a pick-up for work, instead of driving in it to the day spa.

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