Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A bit of nostalgia.

Remember that scene in Tom Sawyer when he had to trick his friends into whitewashing Aunt Sally's fence because he didn't want to spend all day doing it?

You remember that scene if you're over, I'd say, 35. People over 35 read Tom Sawyer when they were kids and remember that scene, or maybe saw it in the movie with that kid who would (I think) go on to become friends with Sigmund the Sea Monster. People under 35 may not remember that scene because somewhere along the way, people stopped reading and started playing that Nintendo DS thing that has a pencil tapper and Beyonce likes it and also there's recipes for it.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that if you're under 35, you don't know the Tom Sawyer fence-whitewashing story, and won't know it until it gets turned into a video game. (Halo 4: The Fence Whitewashing.)

But us older folks remember it, and understood it, too. If you've ever had to paint or treat a fence, you know exactly where Tom Sawyer was coming from in trying to get out of doing that thankless job.

Now, thanks to modern technology, not only do younger people no longer read, but they also no longer have to whitewash or treat fences the old-fashioned (i.e., hard) way. Instead, they could use the Ronseal Power Sprayer.

This handy little Fence Sprayer is the fastest way to treat a fence. It's cordless, so it can go as far as your fence goes, and never needs to be pumped. It's got a motor that keeps the pressure constant, so the treatment goes on evenly and nicely.

And it can be ordered online -- so you don't need to go driving around to find one. Just order it, and get your fence coated in half the time -- and without the need for any Tom Sawyer-y tricks.

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