Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Quote of the Day, 29.

"I thought you were more of a frozen pizza guy and less of a mop guy."
Grocery store attendant last night.

Our grocery store has "drive-up." You pay for your groceries and they then haul your cart to a door where you can drive up and load them in, saving me the trouble of pushing two carts while also maneuvering two little boys through a parking lot.

When I pulled up last night, the girl outside the door had two carts waiting. As I pulled up she said "This one yours?" and pointed to the wrong cart. "Nope," I said. "We've got that one." That's when she said she'd guessed me wrong, and laid today's quote of the day on me.

I took it as a compliment as I loaded up the groceries and drove away. Here's how I interpreted it: I'm a young-enough, cool enough looking guy that I'd be more interested in buying frozen pizzas -- necessary because of my young, hip lifestyle-- than a mop.

Then, about halfway home, I thought: What if she meant that I looked more like the kind of guy who can't cook and never cleans?

Then I had trouble falling asleep last night.

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