Thursday, May 28, 2009

I am a style king!

Because it's between Memorial Day and Labor Day, I let myself dress casually at the office on days other than Friday. (Most of the year, it's ties & coats except for Fridays; in the summer I cut loose with some casual looks.)

This morning, it's a little chilly, though, and I was thumbing through the polo shirts that I've got in my closet -- since most of the time, "Casual" means "Polo Shirts" for men, and I didn't want to wear any of them because it's kind of cold (it's only 55 degrees) and because they're kind of boring.

But what's a guy supposed to do? The only thing I had other than my polo shirts was my "Green Lantern" t-shirt, and then some dress shirts that I supposed I could wear without a tie-- no tie being "casual."

I decided right then and there that I need some new casual clothes. Something cool, like the stuff from the Large Mens Clothing selection at Jacamo. They've got a great collection of summer shirts that aren't polo shirts (though they've got those, too) but aren't garish or underdressed or otherwise office-unacceptable. Stuff like this:The "Joe Brown Summer Living" Shirt. Casual, comfortable... kind of cool, but not too outlandish to wear around a bunch of lawyers, I think.

Hopefully, the stuff I bought today will ship soon so that I don't have to face the kinds of dilemmas I did this morning, and can go back to spending my morning listening to talk radio and mentally accusing the callers of exaggerating stuff.

Oh, and for today's outfit? I went with the Green Lantern t-shirt. But I dressed it up with cufflinks.

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