Friday, May 29, 2009

They at least could have ridden on the sidewalk... (Real Time, Real-Er Time, 1)

Everyone knows that time isn't an absolute. There's real time -- measured by clocks-- and real-er time -- measured by us.

Today's Real-Er Time Measurement: The last hill before I get home after work.

On my commute home, the last leg of the journey is a half-mile uphill, at the top of which, I turn right and I'm home. Yesterday, I turned the corner onto that hill, and saw, on the two lanes heading up it, a colossal backup of traffic.

In the left lane was a giant truck moving slowly up the hill carrying some piece of construction equipment. In the right lane was a string of about 50 bikers, all in dopey helmets and spandex, riding slowly up the hill, in twos and threes, forcing all traffic into the left lane behind the Giant Construction Truck.

The Measurement of How Long It Took To Go Up The Hill:
Real Time: 3 minutes.
Real-Er Time: 2 1/2 weeks.

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