Thursday, May 28, 2009

Why not use spiders to sell silk clothing, while you're at it? (Ad It Up, 2)


Is an ad that I both love and hate. This ad was all over TV for a while a couple of years ago, but I only saw it one time.

That one time that I saw it creeped me out -- I didn't like it, and it didn't make me want to buy fish sticks. To me, people buying fish sticks are doing so because they like fish but don't want to be reminded that it's a fish they're eating. If they wanted to know it was a fish, they'd get the whole fish like they do in restaurants. So I thought reminding people that fish are gross and weird was a terrible way of selling them fish sticks.

But that's not why the ad stuck in my head. It stuck in my head because The Boy and Middle found out that I thought the fish in the ad was creepy, and so they would mimic the fish at me, tilting their heads and moving their mouths wordlessly while going glassy-eyed, until I demanded that they stop.

So, if the goal of this ad was to get me to eat fish sticks, it failed. But if the goal of this ad was to haunt my nightmares, mission accomplished.

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