Friday, May 29, 2009

Thor really did fly that way.

Have you ever flown? Not "flown" like "sat in a plane and wished the guy next to you wouldn't hog up both armrests, while trying to see out that little rectangle window," but "flown" like "face in the wind, arms outstretched, just you and the sky and the breeze and the thrill."

Of course you haven't "flown" that way. Nobody has, except Superman. And Thor, I suppose. Thor flew by throwing his hammer really, really hard, and then catching onto the handle. Did you know that?

I'm getting distracted. Maybe you can't "fly" like Superman or Thor, but you can get as close to it as we mortals come, by riding the Manta at SeaWorld.

The "Manta" is the newest ride at SeaWorld and it's the newest reason I want to head on down there: A roller coaster where you lay on your stomach and ride it that way, as though you were soaring through the sky -- or underwater, because part of the ride takes you past and around an aquarium where actual Mantas are kept, so you can have the experience of cruising through an undersea world before you roll and twist and turn your way through an exhilarating ride experience.

And SeaWorld is giving you a chance to show what you know about the Manta, while earning free photographs and the ability to jump the line. Click that Manta link above and you'll get a chance to "Participate and Win" the Manta quiz, a game in which you answer five questions and win free stuff like photos and ride-skipping passes.

I've already done my part and am waiting for my email confirming that I'm a master of Manta knowledge -- and that I'll get free stuff. Now you click on over and get ready to fly the Manta. Or something like that. I'm not in charge of slogans.


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