Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I have a lot of time to think while driving. I waste most of it.

Everytime I drive north of Madison, I pass the location for a paintball site. And each time I do, I think to myself Paintball looks fun, and then I think I should get some friends and the older kids together and then go play paintball, and then I think "Yeah, but I don't have the air rifles or paintballs or gear to do that," and then I get sad because there's just no way for me to get those things. It's not like they're going to just drop out of the sky, or suddenly appear on my computer screen begging to be ordered...

... unless, of course, I were to click on a link to go to, a website that sells such an amazing variety of airguns, pellet guns, BB guns, and, yes, paintball guns, that it's almost like they're falling out of the sky.

See, after driving by the paintball place yesterday, I began thinking all those things again, so then when I got home I actually looked around for a place to get that stuff, and got to, where I was welcomed by words that always warm my heart: discounts! New visitors to the site get 10% off of orders. And they've got paintball guns, ammo, and accessories like the masks and protective jerseys.

So now, when I drive by the paintball place, I can think: That looks fun. I can't wait until my order gets here and I can do play paintball. And then I can think: I wonder if those paintballs hurt when they hit?

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