Sunday, June 21, 2009

The best way to unwind? Getting sprayed in the face with some ice-cold water. (3 Good Things 3)

As I prepare to celebrate Father's Day in style (meaning: hamburgers and napping) here's the 3 Good Things that happened to me yesterday:

1. The contract for the publication of my short horror story, Don't Eat My Face came via email. I have a contract! From a publisher!

2. My Entertainment Weekly had not one, but two albums in it that I added to my Must Buy list.

3. Hosefight with Mr F in the backyard from 7:30 to 8 p.m.

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ModernSophist said...

As for unwinding:
When I was a little kid we used to go to Lake Mead all the time. It's the lake just near Las Vegas. We had a house there and it would get over 100degrees. Like any kid, I would get cranky, and my mom would threaten to toss me in the lake if I didn't "buck up." So I would just sit there, in the boat, not swimming, getting hotter, and crankier, and hotter still. Till finally, she'd throw me in. The seconds leading up to the throw in, I hated her. Mean, evil thoughts, because this was torture. Until the moment after I'd surface from the water, cooled, refressed...and then I felt all better. To this day, when I'm feeling a bit cranky, I try to find a body of water to toss myself into. I still have the loathing, only it's directed at me and the cold in front of me. Still, works every time.

Briane P said...

I love that story -- "find a body of water to toss myself into" is a great metaphor for unwinding and cheering up.