Saturday, June 27, 2009

Just come on down to the 54... (3 Good Things 9)

As I see the long, hot, wonderful Saturday sprawled before me, it's easy to be happy -- but that's not keeping me from reflecting on the 3 Good Things from Friday:

1. Heart of Glass coming on my iPod on the way to work, followed immediately by Le Freak by Chic.

2. Seeing a hawk swoop down and pick up a snake and fly away. Nature rules!

3. The "Murdock discussion" with Sweetie and The Boy in the morning, as we debated which people in movies and TV shows had been named Murdock -- because The Boy felt that in every space movie there's a character named "Murdock." (My guess: One member of The A-Team was named Murdock, but I'm not sure 'cause I never watched it.)

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