Monday, June 22, 2009

I only hope I don't run into that "Bride" from the Kill Bill movies. But she left Tokyo, didn't she?

Like most of you, I spend 99% of my time planning what I'm going to do when I win the lottery. (Note to fate: I said "when, not "if.") And number one on my list is travel around the world.

I always figured that I'd begin, when I do that, with Japan. Japan seems so fascinating to me -- so foreign and glamourous and busy and full of weird things like square watermelons and superfast trains and ninjas. (They have ninjas in Japan, right? They'd better, by the time I get there) And robots. Don't forget that. The robots are important.

I always, though, figured that I'd have to win the lottery to see Tokyo and the rest of Japan. Win the lottery or become a famous and rich writer like David Sedaris, I suppose - - because I'd always heard that Japan is superexpensive (those robots growing square watermelons don't come cheap, I suppose.)

Then I found out today about the Accor Hotels City Super Sale, and I clicked on over there out of curiousity/a desire to not actually do any REAL work today, and found that I could book a room in this hotel:

For $125 per day in US Dollars.

$125 a day.

Consider this: I just paid $130 to stay in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, for a night. I could stay in Tokyo for less than it costs to go to Oshkosh.

And the Mercure says that it's just a short walk from there to the Ginza shopping, to a Kabuki theater and the fish markets.

So I could go to Tokyo -- exotic, futuristic, Blade-Runner-without-all-the-rain-and-death Tokyo -- and see square watermelons and robots and the streets of Tokyo and experience one of the oldest and most foreign cultures (and brush up on my Japanese, which I haven't spoken since college) and even see the Asakusa Kannon Temple -- with its 10-foot-tall, 220 pound paper lantern -- all for only $125 per night.

And it gets even better: the Accor website promises up to 60% discounts for booking online -- if I were to book online between June 23 and June 29, and then travel in July, August, or September, 2009, I could knock 60% off some of my travels.

It's like winning the lottery, almost -- I could start my around the world trip and have it be less expensive than I ever imagined.

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