Thursday, June 25, 2009

The show "Ropened" me in. (Look, if you don't like puns, you and I will never get along.) (3 Good Things 7)

When was the last time you drank from the hose in your backyard? Yeah, I thought so. Here's my 3 Good Things from yesterday -- Wednesday, June 24 -- to keep me in a good mood today.

1. The cold, crisp feeling of water from a garden hose -- Mr F was drinking from it and then I decided that I'd try it, too. I didn't regret it.

2. We got the two full sets of 50-States quarters that were sent by my Granduncle as a present.

3. At the health club, the TV was tuned to an interesting channel, for a change, allowing me to kind of exercise while I mostly watched Monster Quest on the History Channel -- which in turn allowed me to learn about the "ropen" of New Guinea, so I'm ahead of everyone else who doesn't know that there are pterodactyls living in New Guinea.

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