Thursday, June 25, 2009

Please tell me you get the reference in this!

The news shows are all abuzz with stories about people who have lost their jobs and decided to go into something else now... and most of those stories are about people opting to become bartenders and/or DJs. Did I miss something? Has our economy shifted to the point where in the near future our lives will all more or less mimic Brian Flanagan's? Will there be an endless supply of Jordan Mooneys?

I think, while those stories are appealing and all (Hey, look, he's making lemonade from lemons... literally! And remixing them! Get it!) they're also unlikely. I think that people intending to support their family on the wages earned by most bartenders are probably just another economic crash waiting to happen.

If I lost my job, or needed to make a switch to another industry, I'd move into heavy equipment. Heavy construction jobs are always needed -- even in the worst of the recession, there were still roads being maintained, government buildings going up, and other necessities.

At Associated Training Services' crane operation school, a person can learn to operate a Heavy Crane, or GPS Heavy Equipment, or even get a commercial driver's license. These jobs start, entry-level, at $12 or more per hour, and can go as high as $30 per hour.

But Associated Training Services doesn't just have you go to school (at one of their 10 locations nationwide) and then turn you loose. They know you're going there to get a job, and so they have job placement services available after you finish school, to make sure your education doesn't go to waste.

People, in good or bad times, need things shipped around the country, and they need buildings to store those things in, and they need roads to travel on to get those things places. That means people will always need heavy equipment operators -- and now might be the perfect time to get into school to learn it, before all those would-be bartenders and DJs realize their mistakes.

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