Thursday, June 25, 2009

Yes, all right, I blame the Babies! for everything. (At least the stuff I don't blame on The Boy.)

Our two-year-olds, the Babies!, like to work on the computer, just like Daddy. That has necessitated me learning what a backup sql express database is, and here's why:

The Babies! will watch me doing all the various 'puting that I do (usually downloading songs and/or reading Wonderella) and then they try to do it. The problem with what would otherwise be a cute little image of Mr F or Mr Bunches trying to 'pute like Daddy is that they delete stuff.

I don't know how, but they do. They've deleted songs off our iTunes, they've deleted homework the older kids had there, and they once deleted about 50 pages of a book I was writing.

It doesn't even help to close those programs or minimize them -- I left the computer alone the other day and went into the kitchen to get some coffee, but I had all programs shut down, so it was just the screen saver. And yet, when I came back out to the desk, Mr F had not only gotten up on the chair to play with the computer, he'd opened up Word.

Keep in mind that many times, I can't get programs to open on our computer.

So it's necessary for us to back things up, and since everything in our house is within reach of the Babies! (they've learned to climb) I have decided to begin to back things up on the one place they can't climb to: The Internet. That's when I became acquainted with things like "SQL" and

Thanks to, I don't need to know what all that SQL stuff is about; I just need to know that they'll allow me up to 1,000 Gigabytes of information during a 15-day free trial of their service. (1,000 Gigs ought to cover about 1/10 of the pictures of cats we have stored on our computer, thanks to Middle).

Ebackitup allows anyone up to a mid-sized business to back up information using features like open file backup and MS Exchange backup - -and they do it remotely and offsite, so that no matter WHAT the Babies! try to do, my information is safe - -the Babies! would have to get to Los Angeles to wreak havoc on (not that I'm saying they can't do that; it'll just take them some time.)

Their files are safe and secure, too, which means I might be able to convince my boss at work to use this service for our work backup needs, too -- then no computer failure or other problem would interfere with the valuable legal work we do. even offers, on their site, links to what good backup practices are -- you might think you know how to back up your files, with tips you might not have thought of, and they've even got pictures of their facilities to prove how good they are.

You may not have Babies! around your house or office, but you almost certainly have a need to back up your files -- and now you can do that for 15 days, free, to see how you like it.

Our online backup solutions for home and business have features like MS Exchange backup, SQL backup and open file backup. Remote, offsite backup is made easy with

Critical data (like Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, My Documents, Financial Files, Retail Point of Sale Software and other Office files) can be backed up easily with Be sure to ask us about our advanced features.

Questions? email us at
(800) 616-9324

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