Thursday, June 25, 2009

T-shirts: The Fountain of All Wisdom and Authority, and yet they still have little to do with this topic. (Take a Book For Charity, 15)

Okay, so I won't pretend I'm not a little disappointed. The first auction of a Take a Book didn't go so well, in that nobody actually bid on the book. Now, that doesn't just mean that I didn't sell a book -- it means that Mateo and McHale Shaw didn't get any help paying off their medical bills.

But you know how the old saying goes: If at first you don't succeed, make a few vaguely-guilt-inducing comments and then pick yourself up off the spilt milk and put your head right back into the rose-colored, silver-lined clouds.

Seriously. I've got a t-shirt that says that, I think. Unless Sweetie threw it away.

But I'm going to follow my maybe-t-shirt's advice and keep going, and I'm going to keep going with big news: Dave Eggers has agreed to sign a copy of Eclipse for us to auction off.

So what I'm gonna do is this: I'm going to send him the same copy -- the Murder Mystery (aka The Greatest Rock Band In The History of Ever) autographed-copy-- and have him sign that one, too, so when I put it up for auction again, it'll be twice as valuable.

That's the Dave Eggers Multiplicant, you know. Math teachers know it well: Dave Eggers = Twice your previous value.

So if you... um... missed... your chance to bid on the book and help some kids, don't worry -- you'll get another one, as soon as I can mail this book to Dave Eggers (author of fabulous books and runner or owner or dictator of McSweeney's, as well) and have him sign it.

Oh, and just as Murder Mystery became The Greatest Rock Band In The History of Ever, Dave Eggers, for agreeing to help out, has now earned the title The Greatest Author In The History of Ever.

And before you ask, of course I have the authority to bestow that title. It says so on another -shirt I have. Unless Sweetie threw that one away, too.

Click here to visit Murder Mystery's Myspace

Click here to visit Dave Egger's McSweeney's.

Click here for a listing of all of Dave Egger's books.


Take a Book For Charity is my program in which I am asking that various organizations do something neat with my book, Eclipse, and then send it to me to auction off, with all the proceeds of that auction going to McHale and Mateo Shaw.

Want to take part? If you've got an idea for something interesting to take my book to, and want a donated copy for charity, email me at thetroublewithroy[at] Put "I'd like to take a book for charity" in the subject line.

And, the promotion I was offering if you just want to buy my book is still open: the first 50 people to send me a picture of them holding Eclipse get an awesome t-shirt, free!

For more information about the Shaw Twins, go here

To read up on the blog their parents keep and find out how to help more directly, go to "Caring Bridge" and type "Mateoandmchaleshaw" into the "Visit a Caring Bridge Site.'

And, as always, send your contributions to the Shaws to:

Mateo and McHale Shaw Irrevocable SNT
C/O Kohler Credit Union
850 Woodlake Road

Kohler, WI 53044

Also: If you are a library, community organization, or other charitable group and want a free copy of my book, email me at that address and I'll send you one. Put "Free Copy of Book" in the subject line.

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