Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I told you, many of these would involve pizza. (3 Good Things 6)

Yesterday, Sweetie was pleased (I think) to have made the 3 Good Things list from the day before.

"I never make your Good Things list," she said. But what I've pointed out to Sweetie over and over is that she's a
permanent fixture on the Good Things list. I didn't think I needed to put anything specific on there because Sweetie is always one of the Good Things that happens to me every day.

In addition to Sweetie, yesterday's 3 Good Things were:

1. The electrician was able to fix the kitchen light that hasn't worked since I tried to fix it, almost two years ago.

2. Oldest took us out to buy me my Father's Day ice cream -- her present to me. (I got a "cookie dough Blizzard.")

3. Pizza for dinner!

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Anonymous said...

I love making your good day list, but you forgot Mr. Bunches getting his own milk.....