Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mr F and Mr Bunches can be kind of tough on the things they touch -- they've broken toys, chairs... and me.

As the owner... I mean father... of two small boys, two small boys who like to go to bed with markers and milk and snacks and dirty shoes that they insist on wearing to bed, I am familiar with the need to have a lot of Baby Bedding.

But the fact that we buy our Baby Bedding Sets in bulk doesn't mean we don't want quality stuff to put on their beds. We need a lot, but we don't want them sleeping on burlap.

That's why I'm going to open an account at They've got a lot of high-quality bedding supplies in boys, girls, and unisex -- ranging from dragonflies and sailboats to simple patterns that'll go with any room. They're all 100% cotton and soft enough for babies, but durable enough for my Babies!

It's not just sheets, either -- they'll sell you a whole 12 piece set, so you'll have sheets and blankets and pillowcases and crankshafts or whatever it is that completes the bedding set, and the prices are low enough that I can not only afford to buy them, but I can afford to buy them and then let the Babies! sleep on them. In their shoes. With their markers. While eating their hocolate chip cookies. (What's that? No, honey, I don't know how they got those in bed.)

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