Friday, September 11, 2009

And by "Lost" I mean "Maxed them out in Las Vegas."

Are you tired of walking around with someone else's slogan on your chest? Me, too -- all these t-shirts, and none of them really have the message I want to send. I was looking through my t-shirts, and couldn't believe all the free advertising I was giving to other people: I'm A Pepper, or that I'm With Stupid, which you'd think would be Sweetie's, but it's not - -her's says "I'm with a guy who will be sleeping on the couch if he wears that shirt of his."

Instead of those we could be walking around in t-shirts that say what we really mean (I know, for example, that Sweetie's shirt doesn't really mean that), shirts that we create ourselves. It's easy and simple, as simple as 123.

Literally, because 123Print now lets you make custom t-shirts as easily as all the other 123Print stuff you've been making. Stationary, business cards, thank you notes, post-its, and now t-shirts, all easily creatable online, and you can get as many or as few as you'd like.

Team logo shirts, t-shirts to advertise your business, shirts for your garage band that's totally going to take off as soon as you can just get some gigs, whatever you want a t-shirt for, you can create it at 123Print.

I'm going to get one that says "If you make me sleep on the couch I won't tell you where I hid the credit cards," and on the back it'll say "And by "hid" I mean "lost" and I'm sorry."

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