Thursday, September 10, 2009

I don't even really like those two teams. I just like football. (3 Good Things From 9/10/09)

Pictured: The long-awaited photo of the Famous Spaghetti Pizza.

1. Mr Bunches saves the day! While grocery shopping with the Babies! last night, Mr F was crabby and crying -- he'd fallen asleep on the way there and didn't want to get up. About midway through the trip, as Mr F got so upset I thought I might have to leave the store, Mr Bunches located, entirely on his own, a bag of cookies and brought them over, offering them to Mr F, who immediately stopped crying. A couple of cookies later, Mr F was smiling and laughing.

2. Football is back! I got to listen to 5 minutes of the Steelers-Titans game on the radio while driving home, and it was the precise 5 minutes you'd want to listen to, with all the action and touchdowns. (Then, I got home and accidentally wrecked it for The Boy by telling him about the series of plays even though he'd taped the game and not gotten that far in it yet.)(In my defense... I forgot he'd taped the game.)

3. Pizza for dinner meant not only pizza for dinner but leftover pizza as a snack later on. (And, of course, pizza for breakfast today...)

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