Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Cross-Pollinization and This Week's Facebook Friend of the Week:

Did you know that you can Kindle my blogs? And that people are already doing that? If you Kindle any of my blogs, email me at "thetroublewithroy[at]yahoo.com" (put "Kindle" in the subject line) and let me know, and I'll send you a free copy of one of my books. Just 99 cents per month gets you my blog delivered straight to your Kindle. Click here for more information.

What I'm Writing:

It's more than just an excuse for pictures of girls kissing girls... but there are those, too. Those pictures, and Rachel on the run from the flying saucer invasion of Valhalla, in the only story ever about a lesbian zombie and her octopus. (Lesbian Zombies Are Taking Over The World!)

Bustin' makes me feel good! and so did movie theme songs, which have virtually disappeared. But I'm bringing them back. (The Best Of Everything.)

Bumpy's alone in New York, and waiting for a call, or a visit. Or something. We're nearing the end of Up So Down... (5 Pages)

Joe The Magician is alone in his dressing room, and making Conan O'Brien's out of light as he waits for them to come get arrest him for ending the world before 2012 (AfterDark.)

NASA hates little kids, likes corporations. And it's tough to break into the publishing business without NASA on your side, as all aspiring writers know. (AAAUGGH!)

Debt collectors, and cats and dogs living together? We're halfway through 30 Days of Debt Collection. Do you feel smarter? I know I do. (Family and Consumer Law: The Blog)

I expect a lawsuit from Peyton Manning, or Sandra Bullock, any day now: But that's the risks you take when your no-holds-barred sports post, Nonsportsmanlike Conduct!, joins the poems, pictures of Babies!, terrible jokes, and Sweetie quotes as a regular feature. (Thinking The Lions)

What I'm Reading:

Not all of life's problems can be solved in a Ziggy comic: That's why I check out A Smarter Planet, the blog of intelligent solutions to difficult problems.

You say Amoh-bay, I say where've you been? What I'm not reading is Husbands Anonymous, a funny & interesting blog that hasn't been published in a while. Check out the archives and hope that Scott's doing okay. (Husband's Anonymous)

Facebook Friend of The Week: is Dara England. Dara writes fantasy, paranormal romance, and historical fiction, and reads the "Wheel of Time" series, which I only recently became aware of but which is apparently a big deal. Or not. I don't know much about it. Dara's novel "Brought to Life" was released just this past March by Lyrical Press, after she was first published in 2006. Which means, if you're a writer, Dara took your spot in the publishing world. But her books earned her that spot, so go friend her anyway. Or check out her website.

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