Wednesday, September 09, 2009

We Go To The Library Of The Damned, Apparently. (Quote of the Day, 39)

Sweetie makes this list again, at the end.

I like the library. Sweetie does not. I don't understand why she doesn't like the library. I mean, yeah, I've had my problems with the library, but they allow me to check out books and movies and DVDs, for free. Free is one of the main driving forces in my life, one step above pizza and one step below love.

Okay, a half-step below love.

So I am all about the library, but Sweetie is not. I'll go to the library and get some movies for the Babies!, but Sweetie won't show the movies to the Babies! because they came from the library. She's opposed to The Sword In The Stone DVD because I bought it from the library.

Last week, Sweetie said we had to run some errands on Friday and I said that we needed to stop at the library, to which Sweetie responded something like Oh, God No, followed by groaning.

So I said: "What have you got against the library, anyway? I'm the one that needs to stop there, not you, and it doesn't cost you anything, anyway."

And Sweetie responded "Just my soul."

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