Monday, September 07, 2009

You can see from the picture why I never bring the Babies! to the office anymore... (3 Good Things from 9/6/09)

We moved Middle into college yesterday, having to walk up to the 4th floor carrying boxes and her TV and all her stuff, but like I always say, "Any day not at work is better than any day at work." So here's 3 Good Things from yesterday to cheer me up today... a day at work:

1. Playing chase with Mr F at the health club. I'd set him on one side of the basketball court, and then count while he started running, and then chase after him to try to get him before he got to the other side of the basketball court. It's kind of like wind sprints, with more tickling at the end.

2. Playing basketball with Mr Bunches at the health club. (Got to keep these even, right?) He'd watch me dribble and shoot, and then he'd try to dribble and shoot, too. (The sad part? We both made about an equal number of shots, except that I made a half-court shot. I can't step onto a basketball court without wanting to try a half-court shot. If I was in the NBA, that'd be my offense: Nothing but half-court shots.)

3. Watching Sweetie get teary-eyed as she hugged Middle good-bye, and then making them hug good-bye a second time for good measure.

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