Friday, September 11, 2009

There is no "Hunk Privilege," Sweetie. (Sweetie's Hunk of the Week, 31)

Sweetie's Hunk of the Week is:

Charlie Hunnam.
This is what I have on my computer screen saver.
This and what appears to be drool.

You Don't Know Him Without: You have seen a show called "Undeclared," in which he was the only non-weird-looking cast member. I noted to Sweetie one day that with all the new networks and tv shows coming on, standards are dropping for how good you have to look to get on TV. Take WTBS, for example. They put on about 33 new shows a week, sometimes premiering one show in the middle of another, and each show features weirder and weirder looking people. We went from Sharona on Monk to that kind-of-strange-looking girl on My Boys to those odd-lookers on that one show about groceries...

No, not him.

Yeah. Him. See what I mean?

... but I digress. Charlie Hunnam was on Undeclared where he played the really, really, good-looking guy in the dorms. I'm sure it was a stretch for him. Sweetie and I, in discussing what character he played, decided on Rob.

We were wrong. He was Eric. We were probably getting Charlie Hunnam confused with the actor who we know only as Handsome Rob, because he played that role in a movie I saw. I can't remember that movie now, or anything about it, other than that the character played a role called Handsome Rob.

Handsome Rob.

Not Handsome Rob. But Still Handsome.

Thing That Makes You Go Hmmmm About Him: I was going to go with "Was in A Movie Called Byker Grove," because that movie sounds like a TV Movie of The Week gone even more hilariously bad -- I pictured gangs on scooters terrorizing a neighborhood park until the town bands together to have a "National Night Out" after which the Bykers realize they've made some wrong choices in life and give up their life of kinda-crime to attend a good tech school-- except that when I saw that entry on IMDB, I immediately saw this entry on IMDB:

Soundtrack: 1. Whatever Happened to Harold Smith? (1999) (performer: "Peaches")

I don't know if he sang a song called "Peaches" or if he performed as Peaches. I choose to think that Handsome Charlie opted to have a stage name of Peaches and then sang a song about himself, as Peaches.

Reason I Tell Myself Sweetie Likes Him: Because he's British and has scrunchy hair. As I pointed out to Sweetie last night, that weird-looking guy in Love, Actually was right: Chicks dig the accent.

This is the weird-looking guy from
Love, Actually. What happens to him
never actually happens to people who look like him. People who look like him at best can look forward to appearing on a WTBS TV show.

Actual Reason Sweetie Likes Him: I asked her that, and here is the exact actual speech she gave:

"He's the guy on our screen saver. You probably know him from Undeclared. I saw him on the commercial for Sons of Anarchy. I find him so foxy I could cry, which is weird because I don't usually like blondes except for Sophie Monk and Brooklyn Decker, but that's just another story. I can't even imagine being born looking like Brooklyn Decker. She's so foxy I want to lick her temple. Stop writing! Stop writing! These are things I tell you in husband confidence!"

Point I'd Like To Make About Sweetie's Actual Reason For Liking Him: She didn't even breath during that speech. Also: It's not confidential unless you tell me that first.

How did Sweetie miss this one in searching for our
new screen saver?

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