Friday, September 11, 2009

Solar Panels: Now 100% more available than they were just minutes ago.

Hey, remember when I suggested that people begin immediately using solar power even if it doesn't fully power all their needs?

What do you mean, you don't keep a running log of everything I say whenever I say it? What else have you go to do? Don't give me that "live my life" stuff. You know you hang on my every word.

Okay, maybe you don't, but you should because I not only give you great ideas like "go solar" but also great ways to do that, like providing you a link to a site that will help you Convert to Solar Energy One Panel at a Time!.

At Make Solar Panels, their goal is to convert us all to Solar Energy, and that's a great idea, to which they apply other great ideas, like don't wait until you can go totally solar to convert, but instead, set aside some money and once you have the funds to buy one panel, do it, and then keep building on it.

That's what you did with your Star Wars Figure collection, after all, and look how well that worked. (Note to self: Find Star Wars figure collection. Mom probably has it.)

Make Solar Panels has advice on how to afford solar panels and how to encourage others to make them, so bookmark that page, get going on your solar power, and then get back to noting every word I say.

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