Thursday, September 10, 2009

The pizza OUGHT to be included. Now, that's a promotion!

One morning, I came downstairs ready for work, and Sweetie asked me if she'd done something wrong on the computer.

"Probably," I answered, and then asked: "What'd you do?"

"I clicked on a link that said there was a problem with our account and I had to click it to fix that problem."

As you might imagine, I spun into action immediately, not even taking time to finish my leftover pizza: Clicking on weird links that nobody knew about, links intended to fix problems you didn't know you had, are an invitation to identity theft. And while I'm not sure anyone would want to steal my credit (or that they'd get very far if they did) I don't want them to try, either.

I wasn't upset with Sweetie as I frantically went in and changed all our banking and email passwords and otherwise tried to protect the $1.43 we have in our "investments." After all, anytime you're online shopping or doing business, your credit is at risk, with the threat getting worse all the time.

After spending an hour doing that (changing all our passwords to "BenRoethlisbergerIsTooTall77516")(don't abuse that, now-- I'm trusting you), I went and got Shop Shield®

If Identity Theft is a Problem, then Stop Shield is the program that will not only stop the problem but will let you spend your mornings eating cold pizza instead of stopping computer virus-ry.

Shop Shield® prevents hackers and criminals from getting personal information like phone numbers, credit card numbers, email addresses and more. It stops that the best way: when you use Stop Shield, your information is never passed on to a website. Stop Shield gives you Secure Site registration to let you create and manage random user names and passwords and anonymous email addresses, all for shopping, while you save your real information for friends and family and people who read your blog. (That's: "BenRoethlisbergerIsTooTall77516". You're all like family to me.)

Stop Shield also lets you check out safely by serving as a Secure Payment Agent, protecting that personal information. As an added benefit, because your real information is never given to businesses, they can't SELL your information, so you'll probably reduce the spam and telemarketing calls.

And, best of all: It's FREE.

Totally FREE. So why not do what I did? Get Stop Shield, and get another slice of cold pizza. (Pizza not included.)

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