Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Moving Middle in could've been even worse if I hadn't, while she wasn't looking, just thrown out half her boxes.

How'd you like to be faced with this: we had just unloaded all of Middle's stuff at her dorm room in Oshkosh on Monday and I'd sent Sweetie and Middle to check in and get a cart, when a guy comes by and says "They'll only let you take the elevators if you're moving into the 5th floor or higher."

Middle was moving into the 4th floor. Middle was moving a television, about 500 boxes full of pictures of kittens, and all her shoes, into the fourth floor, up four twisty flights of stairs carrying all that while trying to slide past all the other people carrying all their kids' stuff up the same stairs or going back down to get more.

Luckily for us, Sweetie was there to guard the boxes and eventually carry a pillow up, or we might never have gotten done. It ultimately took 5 trips up and down those stairs -- make that "5 Trips Plus Two of My Vertebrae."

I could've used HireAHelper. HireAHelper is a site that puts people in touch with day laborers for getting a spot job done. Since 2007, they've helped over 4,000 registered helpers work with customers to take care of some hard job or other.

Too bad I didn't know about them first: they've got sections for Movers, landscaping, cleaning, and general help. They're endorsed by Realtor.com and Moving.com, and using HireAHelper can save $300 on moving costs, on average, because they're cheaper than regular movers: just rent your own truck, HireAHelper, and save.

In fact, I could've used them for tearing down that shed last year, too, and for redoing our backyard, if only I'd known about them. But now that I do know about them, I'm using them for everything. In fact, I'm going over there right now to see if they've got a "Help Potty Train A Pair of Overly Active 3-Year-Olds" section. And, while I'm there, I'll look for "Help Clean The Boy's Room Which At This Point Probably Requires A HazMat Team" section. No point putting that off anymore.

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