Wednesday, September 02, 2009

How can a listing of good things that happened to me generate a controversy? Oh, the world we live in! (86 Down, 9,880 to Go)

The second, or maybe third, greatest debate of our age has erupted. This one is about how often Mr F and Mr Bunches get mentioned in the 3 Good Things. After Sweetie claimed that Mr Bunches is mentioned more often, Lisa joined in and claimed that Sweetie was right, so I decided to settle this the way they used to in the Old West: By creating a Wordle.

Wordle creates pictures based on how often a word is used on a blog, so by creating a wordle and seeing whose name was bigger, we can scientifically prove that I do not in any way favor Mr Bunches over Mr F.

Here's the Wordle:
(Which the internet cops say I must attribute to, which I just did so I won't get Internet arrested.)

That scientifically proves... nothing. Because judging by that I use the word loans more often than I use every other word on this blog, which is just impossible, because (a) I make fun of Sweetie a lot, and so her name should be bigger, and (b), well, it just seems wrong and (c) I also make fun of The Boy a lot and I don't see his name in there, anywhere.

So I redid it and got this:

Which also scientifically proves nothing, either, because I don't see the letter F on there, so I'm going to just go out on a limb and say this:

Science is bunk.

Having established that, let me put all controversy to rest by pointing out that even if Mr Bunches makes it into 3 Good Things more often, Mr F's favorite song in the entire world, All I Want Is You by Barry Louis Polisar, is on my Upbeat playlist, the one I listen to on Fridays on the way home from work and when I need a pick-me-up, and I always start with that song, out of respect for Mr F, which means that every time I use music to improve my mood, I begin with that song and remember how me and Mr F would sit and watch the video on my laptop, him sitting on my lap and me singing along with it.

So I'd say the two are even. And here's song 86, All I Want Is You, by Barry Louis Polisar:


lisapepin said...

My secret plan is to keep making comments that stir up controversy until MY name makes it into the Wordle! Bwaaahahahaha! (Evil laugh.)

Briane P said...

Nice try -- but without a swivel chair and a cat on your lap, you'll never make it as a supervillain.

I'd also recommend a death ray of some sort. You don't want to be bush league.