Thursday, September 03, 2009

Since Mr F gets mentioned twice, the picture is Mr Bunches... (3 Good Things from 9/3/09)

As you read my 3 Good Things from yesterday, keep in mind that if you've lost something, you should call me. It's probably in my top drawer...

1. Listening to David Sedaris read his stories on an audiobook as I drove home from court yesterday. The story "Repeat After Me" had me laughing out loud, and that's like the 5th time I've heard it.

2. Mr F's Naked Running Game. Getting them ready for their baths last night, I put a naked Mr F in the bathroom and went to get Mr Bunches. When I turned around, Mr F was already in his room and giggling. So I put Mr Bunches in the bathroom and then went to get Mr F, who'd climbed into a crib laughing. After putting him in the bathroom, I went to get towels, only to turn around and see Mr F, laughing crazily, and sitting in the crib again.

3. Sweetie found my wallet! After two days of walking around empty-back-pocketed, and after I looked in all the couch cushions and under the couches and even behind the One Surviving Plant in our house (where there was no wallet but there was a pile of stones put there by Mr F), Sweetie located my wallet... in my top drawer, where I put it on Tuesday and where I'd looked for it twice. (In my defense, it was hidden by all the other junk I put in there.)

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