Friday, September 04, 2009

I'm not even exaggerating about the number of photos we have.

Sweetie loves Christmas cards. She loves getting them, and sending them, and her favorites are photo Christmas cards, the whole family gathered together and smiling and wishing you, the lucky recipient, happy holidays.

The problem is that to do that, we have to gather everyone up, which means these days not only getting the Babies! to the photo shop, hopefully with their pants on and a minimum of chocolate on their face and possibly standing still for a second or two, but also getting the older kids together. The Boy's always off somewhere, Middle is going to college, and Oldest... well, Oldest seems to be always at our house except when we need her.

That's why I keep suggesting to Sweetie that she just make her own photo christmas cards using the online services at 123Print. We have something like 20 billion photos of the kids, and all she has to do is click a couple of times and she'll be able to upload the photo she wants into a cool or fun design, and then order as many as she wants.

What's even BETTER about that, better than the convenience, is the multitude of choices she gets. The place we went to last year had maybe 3 or 4 different designs for their photo cards and we had to order a certain amount, like 25 or 50. But going to 123Print would let her order as many as she wants, (or as few) and pick from pages and pages of designs. She can even do a couple of different ones, picking fun card designs for friends and more formal card designs to send to the grandparents.

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