Wednesday, September 02, 2009

It's not my ACTUAL Grocery list. (3 Good Things from 9/1/09)

Today, I forgot my wallet at home, which doesn't matter so much because I never have money, but it does make it harder to get out of my parking garage without my parking pass... still, I'm in a good mood because of the 3 Good Things from yesterday.

1. I got to see some llamas on a farm on the way home from a court hearing. I like seeing more-exotic animals on farms as I drive; it makes me feel like I'm driving through a foreign country.

2. Even though I forgot the grocery list when Sweetie and I took the Babies! grocery shopping, I was able to reconstruct it from memory and we got every single thing we needed. That was better than I did last week, with the list.

3. I got to read my Newsweek last night while sitting in the midst of a game of chase, as Mr Bunches and Mr F raced each other around the table where I was reading.

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