Monday, November 30, 2009

Giving and getting were never easier.

This time of year, everyone's preoccupied with giving gifts to friends and family (and, to be honest, getting gifts from friends and family.)

But maybe you could broaden your scope and think about giving free stuffto people you don't even know, while still getting stuff in return -- something you can do with

Listia is an auction site, but not an auction site like you know already. You don't pay for things on the site, and if you list your own stuff there, people don't pay you. Instead, you list stuff to auction off (and others list their own stuff) and people can bid "credits" on it, credits they get for either giving away their own stuff or by donating money to charity.

In other words, everything you give away or get on Listia is free and helps charity. You can put your old stuff on there, stuff you'd just have sitting around cluttering up your house, and once it's on there, people can bid it up using credits they get for joining, for giving away things, or making donations to charity.

The stuff there is really good, and really necessary this time of year -- like the Free Baby Stuff section where you can get (or give away) much-needed baby items. You know you'll never use the car seat or high chair again, but don't throw it out because someone needs it. Instead of wasting it, list it on Listia and help out someone else this holiday season.

In return, you'll get not only a good feeling but also credits yourself, so you can go buy new stuff to replace your old things.

Join now and you'll get 100 credits just for being part of the group. Since things are going for just a few credits there -- the bouncer pictured here is 15 credits -- 100 credits is a bonanza!

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