Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Here's one that for a change doesn't involve leftover pizza. Well, not directly, anyway. (3 Good Things from 11/30/09)

Still 8 days left in the contest: Comment on this post! You could win a book or magazine subscription (details here) and you'll be making me happy (details on that here.)

There's only 31 days left in 2009. Here's how I spent the 32nd-to-last day:

1. I won a contest! Over on Muruch, one of the best music-and-entertainment blogs around, I entered and won a contest just by commenting. (Boy, how easy that is... hint, hint.) Just by reading Muruch and taking advantage of the author's niceness and free music, I get a Wolfmother t-shirt and button pack.

(If you want to read Muruch, click here to add your thoughts on the year's best albums.)

2. I had some delicious pizza.
I went to visit Mom and see my brother from Tampa and my sister from California, and stayed for dinner. Tampa Bay Matt suggested we go to "Baribiere's" on Blue Mound Road, and since I wasn't paying I had no real vote in the matter. Matt said I'd love the pizza, and he was right; it was truly excellent. The only downside to it, in fact, was that I couldn't figure out a way to take the leftovers home with me, so there is, in Milwaukee, a bunch of leftover pizza calling out to me telepathically.

3. I only had to hear, rather than experience, Sweetie's trip to the health club with the Babies!. I was on the road and in court all day, but called Sweetie around lunch to see how her day was going. She said that she'd taken the Babies! to the health club to play in their playroom while she worked out, and that upon leaving had been met with their greatest display of passive resistance yet: Mr F successfully took down every single magnet on the bulletin board outside the day care, while Mr Bunches laid prone at the top of the opposing staircase. Then, once she'd corralled them for the trip down the stairs, they both tried to make themselves heavy and otherwise slow them down (including Mr Bunches' trick of, in Sweetie's words, "deliberately tripping himself" 8 different times, prompting her to ask him whether he had his "new feet" on that day), only to get to the front door of the club and realize that she'd forgotten her car keys up at the playroom and had to go back and do it all over again.

Meanwhile, I was driving and listening to the radio and eating leftover Chex Mix.

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