Thursday, December 03, 2009

Poor Richard's Got Nothing On Me (3 Good Things From 12/2/09)

I spoke a little too soon yesterday; today we're supposed to get 1-3 inches of snow... but you know what they say: "When life hands you snow, make snowmen. Then think to yourself, "boy, that sure was a lot of work and it's not even a very good replica of a person." Then go inside and watch Christmas specials on TV."

Yes, I have a bright future as an aphorism writer. Here's my 3 Good Things from yesterday.

1. Sweetie's internal alarm clock luckily replaced my external alarm clock. I don't know what happened Tuesday night; I was sure I'd set my pointy fish alarm clock, but apparently I got so engrossed in an article about the US debt problems that I did not set it. Yesterday morning, Sweetie woke me up and said "What time is it?" I said I didn't know, and asked why she wanted to know, and she said "It seems a little too light out." So I checked the time (by turning on the TV and going to CNN and adding two hours to the Pacific Time they showed on the screen) and realized it was 6:45 -- or an hour after I usually get up.

(Don't worry: I didn't have to rush around or do any crazy Dagwood running-out-the-door; all waking up that late meant was that I had to skip the usual hour of 'puting in the morning.)

2. This line from Modern Family: Spoken by a character calling an emergency line: "We've locked our daughter in the car and people are judging us!" I watched that show for the first time last night after hearing it was like Arrested Development, and while it's nothing like Arrested Development at all, critics, it's pretty good.

3. While grocery shopping, I found sour cream that was forty cents less than the sour cream I was going to buy at the grocery store. Sometimes, it's the little victories in life that count.

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