Tuesday, December 01, 2009

So you say you want your wedding invites to stand out, but you're not sure how? Read on...

What's missing from most traditional wedding invitations? The fun and pizzaz, that's what. Your average wedding invitation is a fancy-shmancy card with a bunch of confetti in it and probably a generic image of a bride and groom from the neck down, with maybe a rose.


Why not supplement your traditional wedding invitations with customized photos, music, and more, using the Modern Day Invite website.

Modern Day Invite's high-tech approach lets you make email wedding invitations that are fun and personal and creative. They can do a photo montage, set it to music that you like (like, say, your favorite song or songs), and otherwise customize the experience for you and your guests -- and they'll do it all with photos of YOU, not some random person in a tuxedo.

You can use their service to save the date notifications, too, and to send thank you notes that are fun and personalized, so your entire wedding experience can be upgraded to take advantage of the technology we have and the emotions you have.

For you save-the-earth types, keep in mind that electronic invites, save-the-dates, and thank-yous helps avoid unnecessary use of paper and conserves resources in the delivery. But for the rest of us, these serve as additions to the traditional invites and Thank Yous: you can still send the hard copies, but now the invitees will get a fun little reminder of your wedding and the gifts, with actual photos of you and music.

So make your wedding invites more fun and more personal with Modern Day Invites.

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