Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Don't quibble with me, meteorologists. You know I'm right. (3 Good Things From 12/1/09)

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Yesterday, December 1, was the start of winter. (Go back and read the headline before you argue with that.) I can't stand winter; I hate it so bad that it made me say, this morning, that I wished I lived in Dallas. And that's a lot of hate. So to try to remedy that, I've decided to come up with 3 Good Things about the start of winter...


Okay. Here we go:

1. My winter coat helps keep my briefcase strap from slipping. I have a leather briefcase that's more like a satchel ...

... yeah, like that, but bigger. Ordinarily, the strap slips off my shoulder, making me have to either keep pulling it up, or sling it over my neck like Jim on The Office, only not quite as cool because my hair's not tousled.

But with my winter coat and it's collar, I can put the strap on my shoulder, tuck the collar around and under the strap, and the briefcase stays on. Like magic!

2. As of December 1, Christmas commercials and specials don't seem weird. Ever watch a Christmas movie or Christmas episode of a TV show out of season? It seems kind of strange. That's how I feel about Christmas movies and specials shown, or advertised, before the calendar says December/Winter. But as of December 1, it all makes perfect sense and I like seeing the Christmas commercials and shows, even that one of Jim Nabors singing.

I note, though, that I don't restrict listening to Christmas music to just December. I listen to some "Christmas songs" year-round, including "Christmas of Love" by Little Isidore and The Inquisitors, which you can hear by clicking this link, and I also really like Brian Setzer's Angels We Have Heard On High, which once had a video but now doesn't. You can listen to it by clicking this link.

(I have both those songs on my running playlist.)

3. It hasn't snowed yet. That's something, anyway.

Tuesday Present List: Yesterday's was:

A Grinch Who Stole Christmas Christmas tree ornament, which Sweetie uses for decorations around our house. This was to replace the three ornaments she got for her birthday, ornaments which have been seized by Mr F as toys to play with.

Last week's, given on Wednesday because I was late, was Broccoli & Cheddar soup and a salad from Panera Bread.

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