Sunday, November 29, 2009

I'm a marketing genius.

One thing I've always wondered: Since we use bikini-clad women to sell beer and potato chips and, as I've recently seen on TV, GUNS, why don't we use supermodels to sell mattresses?

Take the blog entry I just read about these
memory foam mattresses from Classic Sleep Products. Sure, they're mattresses that will help you stop waking up with pains all over your body, because they'll use the memory-foam they're made of to support your entire body, eliminating pressure points and the aches that go with them.

And yeah, the picture looks classy and comfortable there, so nice that you can imagine that mattress sitting on your bed, just waiting to cushion and cradle you to sleep like the blog post put up by Classic Sleep products promises it will.

Too, I know from reading that post that this Memory Foam Mattress has an Amish-made support base of solid spruce and an anti-microbial foam base with Visco Elastic Memory foam, a dense, 10" thick layer of support that will allow me to rest comfortably all night long and wake up refreshed instead of tired and achey, and that the foam will even regulate temperature better so I don't get too hot or too cold.

But wouldn't all that sell better if it had Giselle lying on it? How come nobody ever consults me about these things.

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