Thursday, December 03, 2009

Gambling Is In My Soul, Which Means My Money Is In Your Pockets.

So you want to play some poker, or do some other gaming, but you live in the Midwest? Or Canada? Or some other boring place that's not Las Vegas or Atlantic City, and therefore not just a hop, skip and jump away from incredible gambling action?

In the past, you'd be limited to trying to find one of those groups of dogs that are so good at poker, and who wants to play with them? They're sharks, not dogs. (Confidential to the Labrador: That was my mortgage money, you jerk!)

But now, thanks to a site I found you can find a great casino online and gamble to your heart's content without ever having to think to yourself Where'd that Scottie come up with four aces?

This site -- Best Online Casinos-- finds and checks out online gambling and gaming sites and provides quick and easy-to-read reviews of them, with links. They've got big featured reviews, like the one today for "Online Vegas," and they'll tell you what to expect and whether the site is worth your time. Plus, they offer bonuses for finding the sites through them (today, you can get $5,000 free to play at Online Vegas, for example.)

Whether you're a novice like me or a pro like I'll be in just a few short weeks, Best Online Casinos has sites to while away those boring hours at "work." And they provide news about other sites that you'll need, like information on the scandals that plague some online sites (but not this one.)

It's perfect: One click/one view shopping for online gaming and gambling sites, great insider information, and bonuses for downloading the programs.

Pretty soon, I'll be able to take those dogs down a peg or two.

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